That’s what you get when you operate Paxton-Mitchell’s world renown SNOOPER® line of bridge inspection and maintenance cranes.

These multi-purpose units provide the most extensive reach capabilities for a wide variety of bridges, trestles and viaducts. The fully hydraulic, easily mobile crane allows operators to be positioned exactly where they need to be to perform any type of under bridge task. Once in position, as many as three operators can work continuously as the rolling stabilizers permit the truck to move along the bridge deck.

The SNOOPER® replaces dangerous and often poorly maintained scaffolding with a stable and positional platform or basket. Durable, quality construction features safety check valves on every hydraulic function and deadman controls. The hydraulically extendible second boom allows the platform or basket to be deployed over tall fences or under deep girders. Workers are placed right at their work; up in the structure or along the bottom of beams.

Whatever your requirement may be, Paxton-Mitchell and its SNOOPER® line of hydraulic cranes will meet and exceed your expectations.

All Paxton-Mitchell Company SNOOPER® Series
Cranes are compliant with current ANSI A92.8 standards
for Vehicle-Mounted Bridge Inspection and
Maintenance Devices

Series 140
Series 230
Series 240
Series 260
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