Series 140

SNOOPER Series 140 is designed for underbridge inspections and maintenance work. The first boom is hinged to the masthead and provides a minimum of 16’ horizontal reach. It rotates hydraulically 360 degrees, providing operation from either side of the truck. Wide, multi-lane bridges can be covered from both sides, always working with the flow of traffic.

The second or elevator boom hydraulically telescopes from 16’ to 28’, extending downward.

Hinged to this boom is a hydraulically operated work platform, 24" wide x 13’6" long. By articulating the second boom, the platform can be positioned back under a bridge up to 27’. The addition of an optional extension provides a longer platform capable of reach under and across up to 40’.

  • Operates in one lane
  • 360 degree inspection
  • Telescoping 2nd boom for 16' and 28'



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