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"A bridge isn't inspected until the SNOOPER™ sees it!"
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Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC, is the designer and manufacturer of the One and Only, the Original SNOOPER™ Truck. The SNOOPER™ is the world's most widely use Underbridge Inspection and Maintenance Truck.
In 1964, the first “SNOOPER™” Underbridge Inspection and Maintenance Truck was designed and manufactured.
Today, the SNOOPER™ has been sold all over the United States to state highway departments, municipalities, counties, contractors, and construction equipment rental companies. They have also been sold overseas.


That’s what you get when you operate Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC’s world-renowned SNOOPER™ line of bridge inspection trucks.

These multi-purpose units provide the most extensive reach capabilities for a wide variety of bridges, trestles, and viaducts. The fully hydraulic, easily mobile crane allows operators to be positioned exactly where they need to be to perform any type of underbridge task. Once in position, as many as three operators can work. 

Durable, quality construction features safety check valves on every hydraulic function and deadman controls. The hydraulically extendible second boom allows the platform or basket to be deployed over tall fences or under deep girders. Workers are placed right at their work; up in the structure or along the bottom of beams.

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