Williams Grip

The Williams Grip Terminal Block

Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC, manufactures a complete line of Williamsgrip terminal blocks and connectors to fulfill the requirements of electrical installations where high-amperage and quick-disconnect means are required. Primary usage of these products include electrical connection between mother and slug locomotive units.

Typical Williams Grip Assembly

Product Description

• The Neoprene block is compounded from high dielectric Neoprene and is molded to exacting standards.
• Each block is tested to ensure that the resistance through one cubic inch of Neoprene is infinite at 1000 volts.
• Actual tests have proven that no breakdown occurs on a new block at 20,000 volts. In the Salt Solution test, (24 hours at 110° F. in 20% solution) no breakdown occurred at 10,000 volts. At 15,000 volts surface leakage was noted, but no breakdown occurred.
• The Motor Terminal Block is required to operate under normal conditions at full ampere line rating at a temperature rise of not more than 32° F. above cable temperature, in order to pass the underwriters code and standards.
• The insulating caps are of the same high-quality Neoprene as is used in the Terminal Block, but with more flexibility to permit installation.
• The insert and sleeve are made from a leaded-copper alloy, specially prepared to possess the high conductivity required, as well as the high mechanical strength that is necessary for long life and trouble-free operation.
• The locking nut is precision machined from top quality brass and all metal parts are electro-tin plated for corrosion resistance and ease of soldering where required.

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