Snooper Series 230

Designed for Underbridge Access Inspections, and Bridge Maintenance Work.
First Boom

Provides a minimum of 18 feet in length. Articulates 52 degrees above horizontal to 21 degrees below horizontal.

Second Boom

Provides a minimum of 17 feet in length. Articulates 105 degrees and allow the basket boom to reach under a 14 foot beam.

Third Boom

Provides a minimum of 17 feet in length. Articulates approximately 126 degrees.

Fourth Boom

The Snooper Series 230 has a 33’ underbridge reach, and a 6’ long 4th boom kickup allowing placement of workers behind girders. The reach of the Snooper Series 230 from the second turret to end of the basket is 34' - 5/8". A spacious 60" long x 36" wide x 42" high basket and proportional hydraulic controls are standard features as well.

Paxton-Mitchell Snooper Series 230-B

In addition to underbridge reach, the Snooper Series 230 can reach 38' vertically downward and 29' overhead without boom changeover.

Operates in One Lane

The Snooper Series 230 operates in 8' traffic lane. No-Stabilizer design. The front axle weight will not exceed 18K lbs. (basket). Rear tandem, 34K lbs.

360 Degrees Inspection

The 360 degrees turn capability allows the Snooper Series 230 to be operated from either side of the truck.

Proven Quality

All components are brand name, American-made, manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Compliant with ANSI A92.8-2012 for Vehicle-Mounted Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Devices