Paxton-Mitchell Railroad Track Skate

This bright yellow track skate costs less to buy and maintain because it's all one piece

Paxton-Mitchell Co - Track Skate (1)

Lowest Cost • Least Maintenance

Railroads now using our track skate report that lower maintenance costs have freed labor for other important jobs.


• It's light-only 17 pounds
• It's tough-made of cast alloy steel
• It's colorful-painted chrome yellow for easy spotting in weeds or snow
• It works by friction- when wheels hit skate, friction takes over to slow car
• It's small-5 5/8" high and 18 1/4" long
• It's low cost-it's the lowest cost track skate on the market
• It's approved-tested and approved by major railroads
• It keeps tracks clear-eliminates fouling of lead tracks


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