Snooper PM 264 • Paxton-Mitchell Snooper Truck

Snooper PM 264 • Paxton-Mitchell Snooper Truck

Designed for Underbridge Access Inspections, and Bridge Maintenance Work

First Boom– The first boom provides a minimum of 18’6″ (19′) in length.

Second Boom– The second boom provides a minimum of 18′-6″ (19′) in length.

Third Boom– The third boom hydraulically telescopes from 25′ to 41′ pin to pin.

Fourth Boom– The fourth boom or basket boom telescopes from 6’5″ to 9′. The Snooper PM 264 is available in Basket (600 lbs. load capacity) configuration.

 The new Snooper PM 264 features

• 64′ Horizontal Reach • Dual Side Deployment • 2 Rotating Turrets • Cross 14′ Sidewalk • Cross 12′ Fence 

• 180 degrees Rotating Bucket • Auto-leveling Bucket • Extendable 4th Boom • Under 67,500 lbs. 

Snooper PM 264 Deployed

“All dimensions and specifications are subject to change pending final design” and “We reserve the right to modify the specifications described herein without notification.”

The Snooper PM 264 operates in One Lane.

The 360 degrees turn capability allows the Snooper PM 264 to be operated from either side of the truck. Dual Side Deployment.

All components are a brand name, American-made, manufactured and assembled in the United States.

Compliant with ANSI A92.8-1993 for Vehicle-Mounted Bridge Inspection and Maintenance Devices